The biggest danger of starting a blog is running out of content. So I carefully thought it through. Could I generate a steady stream of substantive posts? The answer is, “Yes, I think so.” For example, I can draw content from my Cyber Security studies. I also have a variety of other articles that are not quite “Portfolio” items, but have merit nonetheless. I can do this.

The purpose of this first blog post is to:

  1. Announce that I’m starting a blog.
  2. Reveal that I have a number of blog posts in the hopper.
  3. Describe why. Why blog?

I created this web site to fill in the gaps. My resume and LinkedIn profile communicate only a part of “me.” Hopefully this site (and blog!) will create a more complete picture.

If the biggest danger of blogging is running out of content, the second biggest danger is over-communicating. I have many thoughts on the subject of writing itself. For example:

  • A good writer can craft a page of nice text.
  • A great writer can craft a page of nice text, and then ruthlessly cut everything that doesn’t directly contribute to the purpose of the document.

On that note, I came across the following book on Amazon, and I just ordered it:

Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t: And Other Tough-Love Truths to Make You a Better Writer. By Steven Pressfield.

I will read this book. I will take its lessons to heart.

Welcome to my blog.